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Delivering Our Promise One Move at a Time



Local Residential Moving

Velocity Movers can move you anytime, anywhere, from wherever you are located to wherever you are going. We understand that moving can be stressful and finding a reputable mover is difficult at times, therefore we do not have any hidden charges. Our speciality is moving bigger and larger homes but we do accommodate all moves, from small to big, down the road, same town, or to another city. We are here to make sure that all of your moving needs are met and that the moving process is smooth, efficient and effective. We handle the hard work.

Long Distance Residential Moving

We are very well connected and provide an exceptional long distance moving process when moving across the country or to the Unites States. We have taken the same outstanding process of customer service and applied it across our long distance crews, maintaining complete control and quality of the move from start to finish. Our long distance service puts you at the top, and will be able to provide you up to date location status on your delivery. We do not share trucks for multiple moves. This allows a better, safer, more efficient services and allows us to be able to meet your needs on the arrival of your move.

Moving Your Business

Moving a business can be very difficult and requires a specific type of class of moving. We are well known and established in the moving industry. Our specialty is moving your business from A to Z and everything in between. Your move will be handled by one of our account managers to over see the progress and delivery status and layout of the move. Our dedicated staff from drivers, movers, packers,  office installers are hand picked when hired and sent out on our office / business / residential moving jobs.

Commercial Moving

When it comes down to commercial moving, Velocity Movers always strikes.  Being leaders in the commercial moving industry requires a special kind of touch. With expensive fixture price tags, there is no room for any mistake. We service the moving and logistics of your upcoming/current project & take pride in delivering our promise one move at a time.

Specialty Item / Piano Moving

Our movers will show up on site with the right equipment when moving a piano. Your piano will be disassembled if needed to be. Your piano will be wrapped with our premium moving blankets, making sure all corners and ends are covers from top to bottom. We tape the blankets around the piano and shortly after, shrink wrap the unit again covering all covers to protect and avoid any humidity or moisture throughout the transportation or storage. Your piano must be placed on a piano skid which is held behind by an appliance cart for support by our moving experts and relocated with experience, expertise and technique. Your piano is then strapped to the wall of our truck using special moving truck straps. Our Movers will move your piano into your new location based on the selected room. We work will professionals that we can refer you to in order to tune your piano.

Storage Solution

One of the services that we pride to be able to offer is storage. Our open concept 10,000 sq ft warehouse allows us to store your residential contents without any worry or concerns. Our warehouse is climate controlled, allowing your contents to breathe at a room temperature status. Our warehouse facility is protected with our security system as well as cameras around the premise. This storage solution is in need by clients that need current storage for their belongings when transitioning from their old place to their new place. Clients that are down sizing, decluttering, selling their home. Your belongings believe it or not, need a bit more space than your typical public storage units. Our open space warehouse concept allows us to store your items at a reasonable, and affordable rate, at no extra cost. We are dedicated to making sure that your moving transition is in good hands.

Packing Services

Moving can be tedious and very overwhelming. Juggling your life while you’re in the process of moving becomes mission impossible. A big part of having a smooth and efficient move has a lot to do with how well things are packed. Our professional packing crew will wrap, pack & place all of your personal belongings in the correct size and type boxes with the right packing material.  With access to our wholesale packing material database, you can’t go wrong.

Decluttering Services

Whether your business office space needs decluttering, your garage needs an effective organizing system, multiple rooms in your home need sustainable organization solutions. Our expert decluttering service will provide you with the perfect service. Let our team help you reclaim your space with our decluttering services. We will work with you to organize your living areas, and we will do so in a way that is customized to your specific needs. With many years of experience, you can trust that we will provide top notch services and provide a quality solution.

Plastic Bin Rentals

When moving your home, business or anything, we provide pick up and a drop off services included with the rental cost of the bins allowing you to store away or declutter your items at your door step. Our plastic bins are not your usual ordinary size, they can fix lots of things a regular box cannot and is much more cost effective. Our plastic bins are designed to with hold lots of weight to accommodate any weight and safety of the item being placed inside. We will return to pick up our bins only when the agreed time between both parties.

Furniture Removal

Are you down sizing or relocating and have no place for some of your furniture at your new home or place of business.  Maybe an item that is no longer useful, in need or in good shape. Our moving crew will gladly remove your unwanted furniture when moving relocating you on moving day.  At our warehouse facility, we sort out the furniture pieces for donation, someone in need or simply get disposed at the dump. You can count on us to get this done for you.

White Glove Service


Home Organizer




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